Let WDI Handle Your Project from Start to Finish

Not everyone wants or needs exactly what window and door manufacturers offer. At WDI we understand that each home, and each homeowner, is unique. We know the importance of “service” and that is why we offer the following:

Prefinishing: WDI has a “state of the art” prefinishing department. We can paint or stain your windows and doors any color imaginable! This service offers great advantages to our customers. Prefinishing drastically reduces the total installation time. Prefinished windows and doors leave no lingering odor in your home. Other than our hand applied stains, all finishes are sprayed for a smooth consistent finish.

Custom hardware preparation and installation: WDI machines and installs all makes and models of mortise locks, custom hinges, mail slots, door sweeps, etc. There really are no limitations on what our hardware prep offers – if you want it, we can do it.

Simulated leaded glass: Everyone loves the look of leaded glass windows. They are timeless and add a totally different element to the design of a home. But as most people know authentic leaded glass is very inefficient. At WDI we make “simulated leaded glass.” We apply the lead to both sides of the outboard piece of glass and then insulate the glass for energy efficiency. The windows and doors can be made in nearly any design or configuration and are made right here at WDI. Generally this service only adds about one week to the lead time of the windows or doors but adds a lifetime of beauty to your home.

Installation: WDI is a factory trained installer of windows and doors for residential, commercial and industrial windows and doors, hardware, window shutters and more! Not all windows and doors are created the same – neither are installation teams. Choose WDI’s factory trained installation for superior results.

Financing: WDI offers financing to qualified buyers and has many different finance programs to fit your needs. Contact us to learn more.

So as you can surmise WDI can handle your project with single source responsibility from “start to finish.”