What makes WDI really unique is our “full service” approach to our product offering.

The “extra services” a window and door dealer provides are critical to a customer that needs more than some manufacturers provide.

At WDI, we know the importance of “service” That is why we offer the following, customization and installation services.

Installation and Replacement. WDI is a factory trained installer of windows and doors for residential, commercial and industrial windows and doors, hardware, window shutters and more! Call the experts at WDI.

WDI has a “state of the art” pre-finishing department. We can paint or stain your windows and doors any color imaginable! This service offers great advantages to our customers.

Custom hardware preparation and installation. WDI machines and installs all makes and models of mortise locks, custom hinges, mail slots, door sweeps, etc. There really are no limitations on what our hardware prep offers.

Everyone loves the look of leaded glass windows. They are timeless and add a totally different element to the design of a home. WDI designs and assembles custom and simulated leaded glass windows.

Financing. WDI offers financing to qualified buyers and has many different finance programs to fit your needs.

WDI can handle your project with single source responsibility and consistency from “start to finish.”


WDI’s professionally trained installation crews are ready to install windows, doors and custom hardware professionally to your satisfaction. This saves you time and gives you piece of mind that your purchase will be installed correctly. We guarantee it. Our expert sales staff can help you select the windows or doors that are right for your home. New energy efficient windows and doors will help make your home more economical and quieter too.

WDI is a Marvin Authorized Installing Retailer. As a factory trained and authorized dealer, we guide you through the window replacement process every step of the way, making your experience easier. We clearly explain your options, take careful measurements, place your order and then install your new windows and doors. Our installation team are experts and provide you with a worry-free, professional experience. Trust WDI, a Marvin Authorized Installing Retailer, to provide you with the service and support you expect.

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Beautiful finishes right here in our shop!

Builders and homeowners alike enjoy the ease and convenience of WDI’s beautiful durable finishes for both windows and doors. We offer many standard colors of both solid color paint as well as stains to satisfy your taste.

Prefinishing drastically reduces the total installation time. Prefinished windows and doors leave no lingering odor in your home. Other than our hand applied stains all finishes are sprayed for a smooth consistent finish.

The finishes are applied by professional finishers here in our facility. A unique feature is that we actually disassemble the window or door, removing all weatherstrip and hardware so that all bare wood is completely finished. This gives the unit the best protection possible against the harsh elements we experience here in Northern New Jersey. The units are then reassembled and ready for installation. This service really makes it easy for WDI, a homeowner or a contractor to install a window or door and have it completed in one day including finishing. Additional touchup is provided with each unit for application to puttied nail heads, etc.

Custom match colors are available if our standard colors aren’t just right for you. Additional finishing is also available to match doors and windows to moldings, cabinets and furniture on request.



There are so many reasons to replace your old, worn-out windows — they don’t stay open, they’re painted shut, a cold draft blows in, your curtains and carpets are faded beyond recognition, or worse, they’re rotting around the edges — but whatever the reason, new energy efficient replacement windows will add real value to your home and keep you comfortable all year long.

WDI’s premier window and door installation team specializes in a “turnkey process.” Our replacement experts will provide you with a no-hassle, worry-free, professional experience. We will guide you through every step of the window replacement process from explaining your options and helping you select the right products for your home, to taking exact measurements and facilitating the finishing and installation of your new windows and doors.

With new glass and coating options coupled with innovative designs, the replacement windows we install are more energy efficient than ever before. So get ready to feel the comfort that comes from having new windows, and working with the expert project managers at WDI.

Which replacement window is right for you?

Marvin Replacement Products:

  • Marvin Clad Insert Double Hung Replacement Window
    Wood Interior/Clad Exterior – No need to take out the existing frame…just pop in new sash unit.
    Marvin Wood and Clad Tilt Pac Replacement Window
    Wood Interior/Wood Exterior or Wood Interior/Clad Exterior. When the frame is fully functional, but the sash needs replacing or upgrading.
    Marvin Full Unit Replacement Window
    Since all Marvin windows are made to order, we can build a new window to match your existing window.

Leaded Glass

Authentic, single-glazed Leaded Glass

Everyone loves the look of leaded glass windows. They are timeless and add a totally different element to the design of a home. WDI designs and assembles custom and simulated leaded glass windows.

But as most people know, authentic leaded glass is very inefficient. At WDI we make “simulated leaded glass.” We apply the lead to both sides of the outboard piece of glass and then insulate the glass for energy efficiency. The windows and doors can be made in nearly any design or configuration and are made right here at WDI. Generally this service only adds about one week to the lead time of the windows or doors but offers years of great looks and efficiency.

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Comfort, space and energy savings.

Your home is a huge investment, maybe your biggest. Good maintenance helps it retain value—and an improvement project could even increase it. We offer financing for work on your roof, siding, windows, doors, deck or anything else. Go with Syncrony, and start that project you’ve been Planning—today.